Who We Are

Support Mates was founded on the idea that those with intellectual and physical disabilities benefit from having the support of a mate, someone to help navigate what it means to build independence.

Based on participant goals and through Support Mates tailored services, we assist our Mates with daily living, social & community participation, and self-care activities.

Our goal at Support Mates is to become an addition to the team of family, friends, and professionals you trust to support your loved one – working together to achieve our Mates’ goals.


Your support mates

Tyler Murphy

USA born and bred, Tyler began his journey volunteering with the special needs class at his high school in Stephens City, Virginia. After nearly 20 years of volunteering and then moving to Australia in 2016, Tyler pursued his passion in helping people with disabilities and founded Support Mates.

Everyone enjoys the company of their mates – that’s at the heart and center of his approach to care.


Grace McIntyre

Originally from Tasmania, Grace has a background in Health and Physical Education. After 5 years of teaching, Grace joined the Support Mates Team as the first female Support Lead . Grace loves supporting our Mates with disabilities in their quest to gain independence, helping them find and use their own voice to make informed decisions. Grace is a big believer in the importance of youth being active in nature – especially by the ocean!